Koh Apartments

Located in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Koh is a residential project of 29 apartments distributed in three main volumes, connected to the center with a central courtyard.

The proposal adapts to the climate and context of the region, using the dense endemic vegetation of the area in the central courtyard and including in each residential unit an outdoor terrace, maximizing the passage of natural ventilation to the apartments.

192,500 USD

Delivery date
December 2022

Aldea Zama

1, 2 bedrooms lock-off, penthouse

Number of units

Rental management

The project creates contemporary, intimate and cozy spaces within a vernacular typology; it emulates the wide patios, corridors, the order and symmetry of walls and columns, as well as the symbiosis between interior and exterior spaces present in the old constructions of the region. The pool space was conceived as a kind of flooded cloister, with the pool in the center and around it, a series of columns and perimeter terraces reminiscent of the central courtyards of the haciendas of the region. Next to it, a small outdoor terrace connects to a bar and the bathroom area. The central courtyard of the project with typical vegetation of the area generates interior views in the route of the corridors to enter the units.

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    • Bar
    • Lobby
    • Terrace
    • Central garden
    • Sculptural fountain
    • Grotto type pool
    • Work of J. Mendez Blake. 30% savings in maintenance
    • Recycling Center
    • 10% sustainable energy.