Investing in real estate in Tulum a very profitable activity. Homes in Tulum are highly valued as real estate for compelling reasons. And both the experience and the prospects for a good return on investment of real estate in this area of Riviera Maya make it clear.


Why homes in Tulum (Riviera Maya, Mexico) are so highly valued as real estate


Unbeatable location in the middle of real estate development and with excellent prospects for the future.


More than 22 million tourists came to Quintana Roo in 2019 and a significant percentage visited Riviera Maya. Tulum, the Riviera Maya’s fastest growing tourist destination, receives tourists every year from the USA, Canada, Europe and Mexico. Its location is unbeatable, its attractions for visitors indisputable and the structures planned for the future such as the Mayan Train will further increase the flow and number of tourists coming to the area.


This means that investing in Tulum homes for vacation rentals today, generating income from the first moment and increasing it in the future with a high return on investment is a reality. And it’s one of the many reasons why homes in Tulum are so highly valued as real estate.


Tulum properties offer the best capital gains and vacation rental possibilities for the real estate investor.


Home appreciation in Tulum has remained between 8% and 14% in recent years. An apartment for sale in Tulum even in the toughest months of 2020 has earned a good capital gain. They are safe options for the real estate investor.


Vacation rentals have been steady these months in Tulum properties. The national market has bet on the wonders of Tulum for their summer vacations. And the reactivation of international flights augurs a good winter. Preferably with the arrival of citizens of the USA and Canada, along with Europe the main origins of tourists in Tulum. It is expected an increase in apartment rentals in Tulum who choose to spend retreats and long periods in the area. Something that will increase the relevance of Tulum homes as real estate.


Tulum is becoming more and more internationally known as a destination for the well-to-do visitor.


The increase of knowledge abroad of the area as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Magical Town of Mexico collaborate to this. Attractions of Tulum and its surroundings such as the possibility of diving in cenotes, learning more about the Mayan people or the endemic biodiversity of the area attract a specific tourism of a good cultural and economic level eager to buy property in Tulum or vacation in the place. Did you know that already in 2018 the pre-Hispanic vestiges of Tulum received more visitors than Chichen Itza? All of this is great news for those who have decided to invest in Tulum homes.


Tulum, a city for vacationing and living, key to its good expectations for the future


Another reason why homes in Tulum are so highly valued as real estate is because it is an ideal place to vacation and to live. Buying properties in Tulum for these purposes and renting them out when not in use is a good way to generate income from them.


The health and educational infrastructures and the wealth of local commerce, restaurants and gastronomy make Tulum a place of interest for the settlement of new long-term residents from the USA and, increasingly, from Canada. Something very interesting for those who decide to invest in Tulum in properties in an exclusive and well located residential complex.


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