Kaàn Ku’ja

Ka an ku ja Ocean view apartments in Tulum. Only 5 minutes from the beach and the magical ruins of Tulum.

Imagine waking up every day in Ka an ku ja a space surrounded by nature, feeling the plants in your path, listening to the water that surrounds you, feeling the warmth of the night and watching the Caribbean fire burning in a bonfire while you rest in your own space.

376,470 USD

Delivery date

Región 8, Quintana Roo

2 bedrooms, 3 Bedrooms

Number of units

Rental management
Hotel Condo

Imagine spending the afternoon feeling the wind in your face, and seeing life with the eyes of a new being In every breath, in every heartbeat, in every bite and understanding this is my place, this is my space, I am home.

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    • Swimming pool
    • Gym
    • Restaurant
    • Spa
    • Infinity pool
    • Elevators
    • Game room
    • Lobby
    • Bar
    • Bonfires