Buying apartments in Tulum is as good an idea for the real estate investor as it is for the citizen who wants to make good use of his money. Buying homes in Tulum allows you to vacation in a place full of charm that combines some of the greatest attractions to enjoy your free time and an excellent quality of life. Something that together with the exponential development of the area makes investing in Tulum very profitable, providing a quick return on investment.

The advantages of buying an apartment in Tulum

1.- An excellent location in the place that holds the best real estate investment in Mexico.

Tulum is currently the fastest growing tourist destination in the country. Two hours from Cancun and one from Playa del Carmen is already the area of Quintana Roo that maintains better data for the buyer.

If you are only looking for a property to enjoy in your private sphere you are in a place of pristine beaches, natural, cultural and historical attractions with space to move around on foot or by bicycle comfortably. But it is also one of the places with the highest tourist growth and a good real estate development that makes buying apartments in Tulum is very profitable. The context acts far from scaring him away and has benefited him and maintains a capital gain of between 8% and %..

Foreign investment has risen and all projections indicate that it will continue to do so. Whether to spend a few days, to retire or to reside temporarily. This allows you to generate vacation rental income by renting properties in Tulum. Or make money on the capital gain by putting the apartment for sale in Tulum and getting a higher price for it than you paid for it.

2.- Vestiges of the past and cultural attractions attract high-level tourism.

The cultural assets of the area, with archaeological areas, cenotes and the largest coastal pre-Hispanic site in the country are a great attraction for visitors. These jewels mean that tourists of high cultural and economic level are looking for apartments in Tulum to live up to their expectations and are willing to pay well for them.

They are people who value the place, contribute to its wealth, growth and conservation. And when they return to their surroundings, they make the area known, which is the best possible publicity campaign to attract new visitors. .


3.- Sport and adventure in the Riviera Maya

Vacationing in Tulum properties allows you to enjoy a wide variety of sports and adventure activities in the area. Diving in the cenotes, kite surfing, paddle surfing, snorkeling, sailing or adventure activities in the Mayan Jungle are just some of them.

This attracts visitors from all over the world with a very high rate of return. Foreign tourists from Europe, USA and Canada exceed 60% annually. Something that contributes greatly to the profitability of Tulum real estate investment.

Other advantages of buying condos in Tulum for personal use or as an investment

  1. Great quality of life, biodiversity and sustainability, advantages of buying apartments in Tulum. Unspoiled beaches, jungle, marine and terrestrial biodiversity in a sustainable environment with an excellent quality of life for its inhabitants and visitors.
  2. Area in full development and an excellent future to invest in Tulum. The planned infrastructure, the increasing international recognition of Tulum as a first class tourist destination and the fact that it is already the municipality with some of the most valuable neighborhoods in the Riviera Maya are part of the advantages of buying apartments for sale in Tulum.
  3. Exclusive and diverse real estate projects to buy apartments and houses in Tulum and generate income with vacation rentals. And with a high capital gain after the sale of apartments.

Contact us if you want to buy apartments in Tulum for private use or as an investment. We will put you in touch with the right one to fully meet your expectations.