Are you considering investing in homes in Tulum? Investing in Tulum is a very profitable decision for many reasons. Acquiring property in a residential complex in a new construction project in Tulum is the best initiative that a real estate investor in Mexico can take today. This area of great real estate development and excellent expectations is the one that is growing the strongest even in the current global context. And all parameters and projections indicate that it will continue to do so in the future.


Reasons why investing in homes in Tulum is very profitable


1.- Buy houses in Tulum to sell in the future with a great capital gain.


In recent years the capital gain in Tulum has been between 8% and 14%. At present, with some national areas in clear decline, it continues to lead not only in the department of Quintana Roo but throughout the country. This is already more than 2 points above its competitor in the Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, and more than 8 points above Cancun.


Although foreign investment slowed down with the global health context in the first half of the year, everything points to an increase in the coming months and years. Even if this situation is prolonged. And it seems that the demand for temporary accommodation in houses in Tulum seems to grow both from Mexico City and from the USA, Europe and Canada. Free of overcrowding, with clean air and quality medical services cheaper than in the neighboring country is expected the arrival of new residents to spend long periods and as a retirement in old age.


2.-It allows a quick return on investment with the rental of the property thanks to the large flow of visitors to the area.


Investing in Tulum real estate allows you to generate income quickly so that the real estate investor amortizes this in a short time. And, from then on, it’s all added profits. The large flow of domestic and foreign visitors and the high rate of return of these visitors are part of the reasons that allow to obtain a high ROI.


3.- Vacationing in an exclusive location and renting when you use it makes Tulum properties very profitable investments.


Tulum is an exclusive, sustainable place, with a well-designed growth to maintain the quality of life of its inhabitants and visitors. Investing in Tulum homes is an excellent vacation decision. And to get vacation rentals when you return to your first home.


In addition to the real estate developments with high quality Tulum homes, the infrastructure investment planned by the authorities will further increase the flow of visitors in the future. And that’s great news for consistent vacation rentals. Always bearing in mind that a significant percentage of these visitors are looking to stay in comfortable and attractive properties in Tulum, valuing and being willing to pay for it.


4.- The attractions of Tulum attract tourists and residents of high economic level that enhance the exclusivity and economic development of the area.


The economic and cultural level of a very high percentage of tourists and residents in Tulum is key to its exclusivity and better economic development of the area. His appreciation for the culture and nature of the place allows a great respect for it, which contributes to its maintenance. In addition, their spending in local commerce, leisure companies, hotels and restaurants, tourist guides and others is an enrichment in a diversity of sectors. And it improves investment in the area, which translates into a place with steadily rising value. Excellent news for the investor.


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