Tulum receives national and international visitors every year. It is an ideal place for leisure, cultural and sporting activities. If you are wondering what to see near the most attractive apartments in Tulum we show you some of the most interesting options. They are a good example of the reasons why more and more people choose Tulum as a vacation destination. And why buying apartments in Tulum is as good an idea to enjoy your vacation time as it is to invest in real estate with a high ROI.


What to see near the most attractive apartments in Tulum, 6 essential visits


1.- Tulum Archaeological Zone


One of the wonders of Tulum is its archaeological zone and its impressive pre-Hispanic remains. It is located in Tulum National Park. The most emblematic building of the place is known as the Castle but in this area there are other buildings of interest. Among them stands out the Temple of the God of the Wind, with an impressive location that makes it the protagonist of thousands of photographic captures every year.


2.- Flora and Fauna of Tulum National Park


In the area you can find endemic flora and fauna that form a rich, diverse and unique ecosystem. Did you know that in the area there are more than 260 species of diurnal butterflies, you can see ocelots and two species of deer, among other animals?


3.- Cenotes


Near the most exclusive Tulum apartments you can see cenotes, and in many of them you can dive and snorkel. Some are open and some are closed. It is one of the great attractions of the Riviera Maya. The Mayans had a great connection with them and many signs of their relationship with them have been found. Even offerings of all kinds, including gold pieces. The Gran Cenote and Cenote dos ojos are some of the most impressive.


4.- Paradise Beach


One of the best beaches in Quintana Roo is Playa Paraiso. It is less than a kilometer from the archaeological site of Tulum. Its emblematic palm tree in the middle of the sand and facing the turquoise waters of the Caribbean is one of the iconic points of the area. And it is one of the favorite places for tourists to take selfies and show the beauty of Tulum in their social networks. It is possible to find properties in Tulum for investment or vacation very close to this beach.


5.- Tulum Reef


Among the most attractive things to see near the apartments in Tulum are the reefs of the Riviera Maya. In the Tulum area is the Mesoamerican reef, the second largest in the world. An ideal place to dive, snorkel and discover the richness of the marine fauna and flora. You may be surprised to learn that it is home to more than 500 species of fish. And that among the endangered animals that inhabit it are four different species of turtles.


6.- Akumal’s wild coast


Only 28km from the center of Tulum is Akumal, an area of virgin jungles, coves and caves. Wild nature in all its splendor to enjoy the connection with the environment and sports and adventure activities. It is also the site of a Mayan shrine.


These are just some of the many attractions you can see near the most exclusive Tulum apartments. To enjoy these and other Riviera Maya attractions such as Playa del Carmen or the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve on your vacation, ask us about the best apartments for sale in Tulum. In Aire Riviera Real Estate we connect you with your ideal home to enjoy your dream vacation every year.