Residential developments in Tulum are today’s best real estate investments. Aire Riviera we are Tulum Real Estate agency. We have Tulum Real Estate properties in turnkey and pre-sale developments with properties with different characteristics and prices. If you are interested in Riviera Maya investment, contact us.

Great profitability in Tulum properties.

The numbers speak for themselves and in recent years the capital gains obtained have been the highest in Quintana Roo. But it’s not the only way to get a high return on investment with Riviera Maya Real Estate properties. Vacation rentals are another way to get a good return on apartment and home ownership in Tulum. And this is an area with impressive attractions, great services and enviable security. That is why it is one of the most desirable Riviera Maya vacation destinations with the greatest potential for expansion. Buying in Aldea Zama or Tulum Playa Real Estate offers many profitable options to the investor. For many it is the ideal place to vacation in a paradisiacal place and rent when not using the property.

Increased value and additional income, some of the different ways of earning
money with Tulum properties.

At Aire Riviera Real Estate we are one of the most experienced real estate agencies in Tulum. Investors who have purchased real estate in residential developments in Tulum with us have made their investment profitable in different ways. Some of the most outstanding are:

– Resale at a higher price. With an excellent capital gain that has been preserved even in 2020 and an excellent future projection. Tulum has maintained a very high level of growth thanks to those seeking to settle or invest in a privileged place. Retirees and teleworkers from the US and Mexico are some of the profiles of the new inhabitants of Tulum.

– Long term rental. Interest in settling in homes in Tulum has grown with the pandemic. For many it has been the ideal place to telecommute or to enjoy their retirement. With security, services and in a paradisiacal environment. In the case of those coming from the USA, they value their offer of leisure and services at a good price, including health care.

– Vacation rentals. Despite the mobility restrictions of 2020 Tulum properties have been rented by national and international tourists. The area is gaining in knowledge and prestige. The future reopening of visitors from Europe will further increase interest in Tulum vacation rentals. One of the most profitable options for investors in Tulum Real Estate.

A stable destination with a great future projection, reasons to invest in Tulum Real
Estate properties.

Infrastructure projects such as the airport that will improve access to Tulum from other places and the quality of life in the city are part of the reasons why it is very profitable to invest in Tulum Mexico real estate. The good prospects for the coming years and the stability of the area are other reasons to invest in new residential developments in Tulum. They also offer a very interesting diversity in terms of size, type of property, public interested in vacationing or living in them, prices and locations.

If you are looking for a good Riviera Maya investment, at Aire Riviera Real Estate as a real estate agency in Tulum we offer you the professional help you need. Ask us about the right Tulum real estate developments for the high return real estate investment you want.